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Jan 11, 2009. Last week I bought a new lamp because the old bulb burned out. I was hoping the new one would help. We'll see. When installing the new grow lamp I noticed that most of the aphids were gone and so I cleaned up the leaves of the ones that were left.

I moved the plant to my library where the heater vent would not be blowing right on it. I was told that heater vents blowing right on the plants are not good for them. It keeps loosing leaves every day. I'm hoping the move will be the answer.

Also today, I brought the hanging peppers back in from the shed. They weighed half of what they did before. They are starting to dry out good. They've been frozen outside when the snow was here, but I don't think that will effect them much.
Sadly, when I looked in the drying bin that contained about 500 or so of the other peppers, I noticed the moisture had been too much and most of them were moldy. It's too bad, but I had to count them as lost and dump them out. The hanging method still proves to be the best method of drying.

The rain has washed away all the snow now. We have gloomy gray days with occasional sun breaks. As soon as I have the time, I plan on pulling up what remains of the old plants and getting the garden ready for spring.

January 25. I have brought the plant back upstairs. It did not do well in the basement. I'm not sure what is to be done for it at this point. More leaves keep dying each day. It may not like the lamp or the soil or the amount of heat or water... who knows! I have doubts that it will make it till spring.

Time for planting! I bought a smaller tray of starter cups this year. I think I will only grow one row.

I cut open the peppers with a knife.

You can see the abundance of seeds within.

I plant two or three seeds in each cup.

After planting I put on the cover and my mini greenhouse has begun.

This ends my documentation of the season. From now on the cycle continues as it has for many years. You can see what will happen next by going to page 1. Everything is starting again.

I'll post more photos of what happens to the inside pepper plant. My guess is that it will eventually die. This may be because I'm doing something wrong or the plant is seasonal and just can't survive year around. We'll see.

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