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In January I plant seeds from last year's peppers. Here are the new sprouts.

After thinning, the sprouts reach for the sun.

The leaves are expanding. Also, you will notice that I have used tooth picks and tape to support the stocks. I did this because when the pepper starts get to a certain height, they tend to get "floppy" and grow in random directions each trying to out-do the other for better access to sunlight. Supporting the stems keeps them from getting tangled in each other and better for transplanting.

They are easily moved from window to window based on where the sun shines best.

The peppers are ready to go outside.

Outside for the first time.

I begin to transfer them to larger pots because we do not yet have the garden tilled.

Half way into the transfer process. The bamboo poles poke through into the ground and hold the cups in place. Easy to work with and they don't tip over.

Close up of the new pots. The starter cups were becoming root bound.

All finished with the transplant.

A strong wind came along and damaged many of the plants. I had to bring them back into the house.

After getting the garden tilled, I was able to plant the peppers in their new location.

I spread grass clipping around the base of each plant to help keep them warm at night and hold in the moisture. You can see the black wind screen I put up to try and protect them against further wind damage.

Despite the damage, there are some green leaves still showing and I am hopeful that most of the peppers will survive.

You can see the yellow leaves on the lower part of the plant. The topmost leaves are green and new and this is a good sign!

After several days of passing rain showers, the plants respond.

This one is growing the best so far. You can still see a few yellowing leaves down near the bottom where the plant is still recovering from the first harsh weather event.

The bamboo stakes will help out later when the peppers get taller.
Note: peppers don't actually need any support or something to climb. They would do fine standing alone. But our garden location is such that when the wind blows, it really whips through that part of the yard. In years past I've had plants blown over. So when they get taller, I will tie them to the bamboo to support them against the wind.
Besides, I like bamboo and this gives me an excuse to do something with it. :)

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