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December 6. Two more of the green peppers from the indoor plant have turned ripe. The flowers continue to die without any pollinators to help them out.

December 16. Winter has hit us in a big way. The temperatures are in the low teens and the snow is fluffy and soft. Here's what the pepper garden looks like in the winter.

I spot a couple of peppers I missed picking.

Easy to spot in contrast with the snow.

December 23. Inside the pepper plant is not doing so well. I've got spiders...

I've got aphids...

I do have a fresh pepper however!

And another one!

Now, what to do about those bugs...

December 28. Today I worked on cleaning up the spider webs and aphids from the indoor plant. In the process I discovered a ladybug crawling around. I had done some searching online and found out that ladybugs like to eat aphids. This ladybug looked fat, if that's even possible. And the aphid population was significantly reduced from last week. I cleaned up the pepper plant as much as I could and let the ladybug continue to roam the leaves. Many of the leaves are dying and I hope the whole plant will make it. Today we had some sunshine, so I moved it over the the window to try and get more light. Perhaps the single bulb I've been using is just not enough.

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