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Not long ago I came across the name of John Goddard; a man who in his teens wrote out a "life list" of 127 things he wanted to do in his life. By his sixties he had done most of the things on the list. Some of the things he has done are amazing and inspirational. Here's a couple links to his list.

I also found other examples of people doing a Life List here:

You should see the movie The Bucket List.

I was so inspired by this idea that I sat down and wrote out my own Life List. I've posted the list next to my computer where I can pick one or two to work on right away while dreaming about how great it will be to work on the rest in the coming years. It's kind of like what Barbara Sher calls a "lost and found for your dreams."

And if you haven't heard about it already, you should see Randy Pausch's Last Lecture called, "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams"

Here's my life list (so far):

  1. Write an ebook and sell it.
  2. Go meteorite hunting.
  3. Own a real Samurai sword.
  4. Travel by train.
  5. Run a marathon.
  6. Try acupuncture.
  7. Visit an active volcano.
  8. Learn Chinese.
  9. Take cello lessons.
  10. Study Zen.
  11. Develop 7 sources of income.
  12. Write a travel guide.
  13. Get published—article.
  14. Get published—book.
  15. Get published—photo.
  16. Go SCUBA diving.
  17. Go sky diving.
  18. Go wind surfing.
  19. Race Sailboats.
  20. Visit China and Taiwan.
  21. Visit the Pyramids in Egypt & ride a camel.
  22. Go surfing in Hawaii.
  23. Go sea kayaking.
  24. Visit the MIT Media Lab.
  25. Get a tattoo. *
  26. Paraglide over Bali.
  27. Swim with whales and dolphins.
  28. Ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
  29. Climb Mt. Fuji.
  30. Own a complete collection of Stephen King 1st editions.
  31. Live on a sailboat.
  32. Walk on the Great Wall of China.
  33. Experience a sensory deprivation tank.
  34. Own and use a wearable computer.
  35. Go storm chasing.
  36. Own a bell tower.
  37. Visit Stonehenge.
  38. Experience Carnival in Rio.
  39. Live in an “Extreme Home.”
  40. Attend the Burning Man event.
  41. Collect 100 postcards from 100 countries. (50 countries so far.)
  42. Experience the totality of an eclipse.
  43. Collect Butterflies.
  44. Create glass art.
  45. Volunteer at an aquarium or marine science center.
  46. Read the Encyclopedia Britannica.
  47. Visit Patagonia.
  48. Be a guinea pig in a science experiment.
  49. Read 1,000 books. (600 to go!)
  50. Study harbor seals.
  51. Do sculpture.
  52. Go on a Caribbean cruse.
  53. Visit Space.

* Note: Removed "Get a tattoo" from my list because it appears quite fashionable these days. And of course I can't have any of that!

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