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Interesting Things I've done. I think.

For example, swimming in the ocean. Think about how many hundreds of thousands of people have never even seen the ocean, and may never see it in their whole lives. Sometimes the common place things for some people can be rare and special for others. So here's my list in no particular order.

  1. Ate 400 sandwiches in one school year.
  2. Got a 4.0 GPA in my one year of collage.
  3. Published cover photo on a magazine.
  4. Became self-employed.
  5. Built my own computer system and wrote a computer program.
  6. Learned how to trade the stock market.
  7. Learned Morse code and got ham radio license.
  8. Wrote a novel in less than 30 days.
  9. Learned internet web design.
  10. Raised red hot Cayenne peppers.
  11. Learned to cook Chinese food.
  12. Read 100 books in a year.
  13. Completed over 5,000 data units for Seti@home.
  14. Worked in a bookstore. (Still do.)
  15. Became a member of a High IQ Society.
  16. Swam in the ocean and went surfing.
  17. Painted a portrait.
  18. Grew bamboo.
  19. Seen a rare bird.
  20. Thrown a message-in-a-bottle into the ocean AND got a reply!!
  21. Been to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle.
  22. Seen the fish fly in Pike Street Market in Seattle.
  23. Lived in a foreign country.
  24. Owned a goat dairy & milked goats.
  25. Taught myself how to juggle.
  26. Fixed up a sailboat & sailed it in Puget Sound.
  27. Ran Bloomsday race in Spokane.
  28. Rode on a horse-pack trip and had a horse fall on me.
  29. Built an Amway business.
  30. Dove off a houseboat in Lake Cumberland.
  31. Climbed a 40 foot cedar tree.
  32. Married the only woman I've ever kissed on the lips.
  33. Floated in a hot springs in a wet suit like a giant hot-water bottle.
  34. Studied animal tracking and wilderness survival.
  35. Rappelled off a cliff.
  36. Climbed to the top of Hurricane Hill in the Olympic Mountains.
  37. Learned to slalom ski on the Snake River.
  38. Corresponded with a famous person.
  39. Flown in a 747 jumbo jet.
  40. Shaved my head.
  41. Stood on my head and gargled peanut butter. (Not the shaved one.)
  42. Collected rare books. (Still do.)
  43. Won a paper airplane contest.
  44. Attended boarding school.
  45. Ran a mile in 5:33.
  46. Operated a "used bookstore" on the internet.
  47. Blended my own specialty teas
  48. Gave blood to the Red Cross.
  49. Drank my first cup of coffee in Seattle.
  50. Own a set of Chinese lanterns.

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