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Magnetic Poetry

I got a magnetic poetry set as a gift some time back. Here are some of the results.
Find out more about Magnetic Poetry here.

eyes linger with desire like naked caramel
brilliant green oceans bring joy bone deep
delicious questioning makes fresh color
picture eternity streaming
perhaps translucent like champagne
a hot liquid star

wild young women
smile morning magic
my heart beats a blushful rhythm
which heals my universe

explore life with ferocious embrace
delicious poetry is a warm fire
this magic thing will dazzle you
let's celebrate knowing with brilliant thinking

go to the picture window
slowly explore a night sky
life may haunt this deep universe
let eternity speak & we will know
like a dazzling brilliant blue star

picture marble colored fish
in an ice blue ocean
freely dancing in this deep liquid
like angels on a peaceful morning
sailing translucent with a bellowing breeze
when brilliant red skys
streaming ghostly clouds
like a soft blaze
dazzle my eyes

blind trust will never wake you
only hard questioning opens windows of thinking
listen to this voice of exploration
perhaps fresh desire may speak a hearty rhythm to you
do your learning like devouring delicious pie

a delicious morning breeze dances by my picture window
like a vast ferocious ocean with translucent bellows
time sails down stream
life blazes a liquid rhythm

vast desire flowers brilliant poetry
warm window joy
my translucent drink
think young
question all

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