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lamp post

... When I came out to the car, the wind was blowing very strong. Like the blustery day on my kids Winnie the Pooh video. I walked out into the parking lot and stood facing the wind. Gusts of cool winter air buffeted me and tried to knock me off my feet. I stood by the lamp post, which looked like a very tall, skinny alien with two lamp-like eyes peering down at me.

Turning my face into the wind again I closed my eyes, opened my arms loosely by my sides and just let the rush of air push against my body for awhile. Leaves skipped and chattered across the parking lot and sailed passed my feet. A gust of wind picked up bit of sand from the pavement and pelted my face. I could feel the sting of small particles bouncing off my cheeks. I opened my eyes an squinted into the mild gale. Winter trees, stripped of their leaves, waved bony skeletal arms and fingers against a steel gray sky.

For a moment I felt very alone. Just me, the black-top parking lot, the alien lamp post, and the wind, blowing ... blowing ... blowing ...

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