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September 14. The peppers are bright and beautiful in the afternoon sun.

After the harvest, I look at my feet. Nearly black from working barefoot.

September 20. The next batch is looking almost ready.

September 22. The next round of picking results in another 536 peppers.

This is my latest idea in drying. Last year I strung them up in strings, but this year I think I'll try this bulk method. I'm hoping that the mesh bag will give enough air flow to allow them to dry properly.

After taking this picture I actually moved them outside to our shed, and hung them out there. They are giving off a tremendous hot pepper smell.

In the following several images I will show you how I have strung them up to dry in years past. I have found that this method works very well. You can put 20 to 50 peppers on a string for good results.
First you need some regular sewing thread and a large needle. Then choose the peppers you want to string up.

Measure out the length you think you need, then give yourself a little extra. Double it up and thread the needle to one end. Then wrap the other end around your finger and roll the thread loop between your thumb and forefinger.

Slip your finger out and pull it tight making a little ball knot in the end. This will keep the peppers from sliding off.

At this point when I start to work with the peppers I put on the gloves. The juices will get all over your fingers as you do this next part. Try to thread the needle through the cap if you can. This makes it easer to pick off after its dried, if that's your plan.

Threading the pepper cap in action.

Some of them don't have very good caps or they are too hard to do it the usual way, so push the needle just under the cap in the soft part of the pepper. This will do just fine.

Here you see the end result of my string. I make a loop on the end to use for hanging.

Here you see them hanging. This is a short bunch. I used only 20. If you string them in lengths of 50 they are quite decorative and can brighten up your kitchen. :)

September 29. Today I picked another 506 peppers. I ran out of daylight, so I got one of my small flashlights and picked the rest of this week's batch in the dark. After washing them I decided to use another method of drying. This time I placed the peppers on 4 old baking pans. These are my makeshift drying racks.

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