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July 29. They still keep growing taller. I'm totally amazed. I've placed the yardstick in the left row. You can barely see it poking out above the leaves. For fun, go back to page 3 and compare this image with July 1. How far they have grown in just 28 days!

The sunflowers were starting to lean over the peppers, so I tied some of them back to one of the fence post with some all purpose twine.

This is another view from the other end. I've place the yardstick once again at the end of one of the rows.

You can see the growth that has taken place in the last few weeks.

The view from underneath the row. It's almost a jungle in there! Now that the pepper plants are so tall they block most of the light at ground level. I have not done any weeding for nearly a month. You can see just a few straggler weeds gaining root. It won't take me long to pull those.

The garden work is getting very easy now. All I do is turn on the sprinklers when the ground starts to look a little dry. Then stand aside and let the sunshine work its magic! We still have hot weather running 85 to 95 degrees for daytime highs.

The sunflowers are also in full bloom. To the right of the peppers is a row of kale.
It's the end of July.

August 15. I discover the first red pepper!

They keep growing taller and keep flowering. I can no longer see the ground or the sprinklers on top of the wood posts.

August 24. I poke my camera down into one of the rows. More peppers are turning red. I have a feeling I'll be harvesting them soon.

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